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The Three Stooges and Ingmar Bergman's The Divine Comedy | 11x17 Art Print

The Three Stooges and Ingmar Bergman's The Divine Comedy | 11x17 Art Print

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Ingmar Bergman's 1954's feature film "The Divine Comedy" was shunned by critics and audiences alike. The idea that the Swedish filmmaker would ever team up with the American comedy team the Three Stooges sounds as improbable today as it did when first announced in Variety. "Summer With Monika," his first film to appear in the U.S., hit screens just a year prior to his adaption of Dante Alighieri's classical epic. Hollywood wanted a piece of Bergman almost immediately with Columbia landing the first deal.

Neither audiences nor studio execs were ready for the four-hour feature that Bergman delivered. It played for only three weeks before Columbia withdrew "The Divine Comedy" with the intention of shuffling it to its shorts division with the intention of editing it into a dozen smaller films. This idea never materialized. "The Divine Comedy" went into the vault and Bergman returned to Sweden. Rumor has it that 1957's "The Seventh Seal" is his commentary on the inevitable doom of collaborating with Hollywood.

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11" x 17" on 100 lbs gloss text-weight paper.

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Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.

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