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Del Monte and Flip Flop, Doctor Z one-sheet, 27" x 41"

Del Monte and Flip Flop, Doctor Z one-sheet, 27" x 41"

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I don't know how this happened. While wrangling content for the "Hanging with Doctor Z" series about a year ago (I create some of the digital art for its social media activity) I had an idea for a fake movie featuring Z. The title would have been one of those 1970s movies with a cryptically hip title ... Mother, Jugs and Speed, Freebie and the Bean, Ten Speed and Brown Shoe, etc. The formula was often a Mad Lib selected noun combined with a kind of footwear. My first title was "Fondue and Flatfoot," but eventually changed it to "Del Monte and Flip Flip." The vision for the movie was "The kind of action movie they made back when they still let guys who looked like Walter Matthau make action movies."

Use the code FREEBIE to get one free 11x17 poster if you buy two prints (or spend $38 in any other way) - it's my gift to you!

Printed on 27" x 41" glossy poster paper. This is the traditional size of American one-sheet movie posters.

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Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina. Shipping tubes made in USA.
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