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Masters of Horror six button set

Masters of Horror six button set

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Some of the greatest names to ever work in horror, their credits pressed into 2.25" pin buttons. $12 for the complete set of six, plus shipping. Tobe Hooper! John Carpenter! Dario Argento! David Cronenberg! George Romero! Wes Craven! 

Unlike everything else here, shipping is not free for buttons.  We're doing this to save you money - it doesn't cost much more to ship several buttons than it does to ship one button, but it does cost several dollars to ship one button.  Plus, buttons can't really be shipped with posters.  We don't want to charge the full shipping cost for each button and give "free shipping", so we do a calculated rate on buttons, so you only pay the base rate and packaging once and after that you pay what it actually costs to ship additional buttons in the same envelope.

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