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Lovecraft Country pulp magazine cover | 11x17 Art Print

Lovecraft Country pulp magazine cover | 11x17 Art Print

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 Lovecraft Country is both a tribute and a critique of 20th century American pulp fiction. (I mean, the show is a LOT of things, but on a purely entertainment level this is how I'd describe Lovecraft Country.) I hemmed and hawed on using an author's name on the piece ... it's Matt Ruff's book, but the episodes referenced on the poster were written by Misha Green (and improves upon the source material a lot, imo.) I also thought about crediting "Benny Russell" as the author but that would have just confused a lot of folks. 

11" x 17" glossy text-weight paper.

Use the code FREEBIE to get one free 11x17 poster if you buy two (or spend $38 in any other way) - it's my gift to you! Just put three prints in your cart and the code will take $19 off.

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Designed and printed in Columbia, South Carolina.

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